New hat and first handmade outfit for Nim!
She's still bald because her wig is still in the mail, but I took Severity's advice and made her a hat! Happy

I'm working on her wardrobe- this is a more casual outfit, and she's wearing Ai doll shoes and socks! So funny that she can share with the tiny ones!

[Image: 16496997162_b1e8240a3f.jpg]

That side-eye is real, by the way, my cat grabbed her round the ankles right after I took the photo! Irritated
Aww! She's adorable! She must feel a bit better being photographed now that she has a hat!
[Image: PAA_zpsf228551a.png]
~Parfait (Dal Heart Macaron), Alice (Pullip Alice du Jardin), and Amethyst (Custom MIO Pullip), my most special dolls <3~

*Sprites made by me*


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