Tweety & Tezca in new Dresses
I bought a couple of dresses from Pale Angel Accessories (Byronic Heroine) at PUDDLE. They'll fit a Pullip, but the Dals grabbed them first. I took some photos awhile ago, but my desktop computer with a dead power supply is still holding them hostage, so I took a couple of new ones of the girls in their new dresses.

[Image: 19428409088_6eb787086a_z.jpg]
How could I not put Tweety in dress this color? Although I could probably do better than the My Scene boots, if I shuffle through the shoe stash some more. She's posing by my favorite mossy tree root.

[Image: 18993862244_0ce09be374_z.jpg]
Tezca's wearing the long sleeved version, which are a bit long for a Dal, but I think it looks cute that way.

[Image: 18995471943_8a3541c15e_z.jpg]
A "behind the scenes" photo of my Linden tree which has the mossy tree roots. It also supplies a nice leafy backdrop for photos on the deck railing. As you can see, I don't have to go far to make use of it.
Those dresses look great on your girls! Great pictures too, and that garden with the tree Heart
I love the blue sweater and dress, the colors are kind of happy looking in a way Tongue
Seeing her, I'm still tempted to buy Tweety. keke
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ISO: Pullip Yuki stock wig / Pullip Panda glasses / Dal Tweety stock outfit / Byul Secomi stock outfit

Those are some really cute dresses! I love how well the orangey one matches your Dal... and the longer sleeves on the second doll are perfect. Reminds me of when i was a kid. I used to pull my sleeves over my hands all the time grin

I also love the lush wig the second girl is wearing. Nice color!

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