The new guy made friends pretty quickly
(10-21-2015, 07:55 AM)MercyTiara Wrote: @Alliecat: absolutely! Now all the need is a name. Any suggestions?

Oh dear, you had to ask. Now it's my pleasure to pass on this fun time-wasting thing to you. LOL
I googled, "band name generator." Well, now I've seen everything.
You can try: ... which will give you a handful of suggestions at a time with a word or two you input. Some actually work. ... a bit more random
or just google as I did and try some of the sites.
Those 2 pages gave me these gems:

Plastic Arizona And The Freaky Cleaner
Willow And The Euro Subway
Plastic People Of The Obsidian Salvation
Towering Plastic Girl And The Metro Opposition
Chronic Motley
Dolly Rock Slip And The Surrogate Sky
Rock Dolly Glam
Rock Dolly Resurrection
Dynasty Rock Dolly And The Stoned Marshmallow
Rock Dolly And The Sprocket
Fate Of The Waking
Devout Pullip And The Bloody Arson
Holy Fiery Rider

ARgh, someone stop me...
Then there's this one but you'll have to fill in the blanks cos I don't know anything about your characters.
I tried putting some words in to see what sort of band the PrettyTiny Film Company girls might come up with. "School of the Twelve Seagulls", "Saving Sunsette", "Disciples of Beach" and "Taking Back Summer". I actually love the last one, and Disciples of Beach is second place.
Have fun!! LOL
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wow, Taking Back Summer is awesome! I also like Plastic Arizona. There are some really cool and funny/crazy options! Thanks so much- I didn't know there were band name generators!
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I've of my results was And Then the Tides Scream.

Someone's seen me swimming. Rb_x

What's sad is that I actually kind of like that name..! >__<

Ooh, I also got "Believe the White Pigeons."

Sounds like a good name for a Christian indy band.

"Fear the Peg-legged Irritants."

The mystery of what Long John Silver does after the book ends is now solved.

"Employee of the Holy Jesus." Another Christian indy band name! ^^

Oh I'm having so much fun with these.

"Wild Peg-Legged Family." Where Long John Silver gets his band post- Treasure Island. They're all relatives.
Those band names are awesome! And your pictures are spectacular, the lighting looks really cool and the colors really go together. Congrats on Kai (and excellent choice of name btw wink ) I really like the look of the band... I think I would buy their CD LOL
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I love your Luna, much more than the stock one.
What a band, the members look so cool~ smile
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