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17 inch
(09-17-2018, 01:14 AM)*NatTheCat* Wrote: Wow, lucky niece! In my opinion she looks pretty nice for a Frightfully Tall - something about their faces and/or eyes always looked off to me, but yours looks like a regular Clawdeen! ... Minus the fact that she's dwarfing those Transformers. LOL

The irony is that those Omega Supremes are SUPREME class Transformers. The biggest and most massives before the big Titan class city bots that were introduced a few years ago.
This show that those Frightfully Tall MH dolls are indeed, frightfully tall. Whacked

At 17", at what scale those huge MH dolls would be? 1/3?
Speaking of huge dolls, there's also those big DC super heroines dolls that are as big in that failed line. Too bad they look so cheap. They could have been some convenient inexpensive BJD body substitutes. Currently on sale at 25$CAN plus taxes at my local Toys R Us. Worth getting for custom purposes?
[Image: dc-super-hero-action-pose-pose-girl-large-1.jpg]
[Image: 8ZtVOxb.jpg]
17" Monster High would be considered 1/4, though their clothing/wig size may vary from typical 1/4 dolls. (1/4 = around 40cm tall; and 1/3 = around 60cm and taller.)

I've never seen that version of Supergirl; she's as tall as your Clawdeen?? If it was me and the price tag was cheap enough, I'd go ahead and get one.
She honestly looks like a fakie, and there's nothing to indicate her height on that box! Is she still made by Mattel?
[Image: 49035651448_1fbe84a2fc_o_d.jpg]

That Super Girl is 100% legit and sold at Toys R Us.
I estimate she's as tall as a big MH doll. I'll have to check if she's still available at that price. If everything go well, i'll show her off here instead of creating a whole new thread.
[Image: 8ZtVOxb.jpg]
Yeah, I got the giant Wonder Woman from my TRU as they were going out of business. I’d agree that they just kinda look weird compared to the 12” dolls in the line.
For reasons, Batgirl and WW are 40$CAN while Super Girl is 25$CAN. Looking closely at the doll through the packaging, that body is not worth customising at all. It so cheap, there's casting leftovers all over the seams. Plus the joints look very basic. It would make absolutely no sense to invest up to 100$ just to give her a decent head and decent clothes. Might as well get the 20K yen 1/3 Obitsu body and go full BJD Paradoll.

The only reason to buy this is if a little girl is a hardcore fan of Super Girl and she love big dolls. But anything more "serious" and it's a big nope. Those big 18" DC super heroines don't hold a candle to the 17" Monster Highs.
[Image: 8ZtVOxb.jpg]
We never made it to the nearest ToysRUS before they closed because it's two hours away and we never found the time. sad I miss ToysRUS. (Well, I miss Younker's, too.)

They don't look like something I would have spent money on, either. Kinda neat to look at because they're different, but not really quality. Which is rather surprising for Mattel... She looks more Hasbro or *the blind person sees the brand on the box. Lower left corner, obvious as something hiding in plain sight* Jakks Pacific. LOL Okay, so not Mattel. That's it.
[Image: 49035651448_1fbe84a2fc_o_d.jpg]


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