Pullip Meg w/ no stock (or nude Pullip comparisons in general)
Hello! i hope it's ok to ask here for buying purposes instead of selling ones xD

I know nothing about Pullips coming from Blythe and I was curious about how prices differ for nude dolls--with Blythe the stock is often a tiny fraction of the doll's resell value but I don't know what the case is for Pullip, whether it's more or less.

Specifically I have fallen head-over-heels in love with Meg and would love for her to be my first Pullip, but I could live without her stock, and I'm wondering if anyone has a ballpark of what a fair price to pay for her nude would be, if I can find someone willing to sell (ooh, I hope, I hope)? Or just a general discussion of what nude dolls go for compared to the ones with their stock would be helpful! She's 120.00 on Pullipstyle atm and that's a bit out of my budget and IDK whether to go hunting for a nude one or just get my heart un-set from Miss Meg xD

Thank you for your help! I apologize for my ignorance, ahhhh

EDIT: orz I feel like maybe this wasn't the right forum to post this in, the front page got me all turned around, I am sorry if this needs to be moved!

There's a nude doll up for 88.00+ shipping on eBay--missed her earlier somehow!--which is still on the high end for my budget but possibly doable if it's fair smile
The general rule is 60% for the doll, 40% for the stock, unless it is a collaboration, in which case the general rule is 50/50.
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Thank you so much! I'll aim for a little lower than the 90.00 one then, if I can--I'm patient smile Thank you!
You can also post in the marketplace - Pullip and Friends BST - Split Section for a split partner. Although I'm not sure how eager anyone is for Meg's stock.
Yeah, I was looking at reviews and things... and most people hate her stock besides her boots xD I don't hate it, I just don't love it. That's a good thought tho, I hadn't considered that @_@ Worst thing that can happen is no one wants it, lol

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