Juno and Nooroo
I admit I did grab the dolls(they're both next to me at the moment) and stare intently at their noses, since they are older dolls it's not impossible that one of their noses has worn down a bit.
hmmm I missed this. Sorry girls Heart 2 Nooroo is so breathtakingly PRETTY & SWEET in that wig ! I don't know that I've seen a blonde younger looking MM before but it is perfect for her. Your eye, amazing hun smile I can see you being the boss of a huge fashion doll design company, seriously smile

Juno -- well Pru looks wonderful in everything <3 I like the cloudy chips in any of my ghostly/vampiric/darker dolls. I don't know Juno's story yet so I don't know if she will keep them but I think they go well with her look because --- doesn't everything !! Are you going to rewig her?
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