Meet Minnie!
I took a little trip to a Tuesday Morning a little distance away from me (about an hour and a half) because the hotline said they had dolls (and also because I've never driven myself somewhere just because and I wanted to enjoy the fact that that's something I can do). I ended up coming home with Byul Tiger Lily, who has always been on my lowkey want list. She seems to have settled on the name Minnie.

[Image: 28719842796_0d1c759d23_z.jpg]

[Image: 28674116721_75a8a2ee51_z.jpg]

Minnie's hair is the result of my first and only, rather unsuccessful, attempt to spin my own yarn. It's way too uneven and thick to actually crochet with, but I thought it might make some nice dolly dreadlocks, and seeing the finished result I think I was right! The wig's not perfect and probably is a little delicate, but I think it's still pretty fun.

[Image: 28719841176_ff021bacdb_z.jpg]

[Image: 28751629345_28206759b8_z.jpg]

I've got next to no ideas on her personality/backstory yet other than she's fairly protective of her hair, and I really don't think the romper quite suits her style, but I'm excited to get to see all that bud!

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