Melissa's MIOs
I'm happy you like her and thank you for your patience with me!
Great job. They all look so pretty. I wouldn't even know where to begin doing a MIO kits. My favorite are Dylan and Mandy.
I admire everyone who can make their own dolls. Congrats on your family smile My favourites are also Mandy & Dylan. I love Mandy's wig, is that one of Leeke's limited editions?
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(01-19-2017, 09:30 AM)Miss Edith Wrote: I love Mandy's wig, is that one of Leeke's limited editions?
I think it must be a limited version. It's W121 but the version on their site is just one color whereas this is a blend of Eve Cream and Lavender Rose. I purchased it from Denver Doll since they're down the road from where I work.
Customs are fun and addicting! I'd be in trouble if I worked down the road from Denver Doll. Having several Tuesday Mornings close to me is bad enough.
They are so cute. I love them all.Heart
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Mandy is lovely! I can't decide if I like her or Ellie best. Great that you are having fun with MIOs. Must be fun to make a faceup from scratch. I know I would make a mess so I will never try it LOL
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