I recieved this girl in the mail today, and oh my gosh, I love her so much.

You know that feeling you get when you open a doll and she's so beautiful in person that she literally takes your breath away for a moment? I haven't had that feeling in a while, but I did this time!

I bought her from DelightfulFreak, and I actually think it was her, years ago, that originally made me want Principessa. I've thought she was wonderful for years, so I'm glad I didn't pass up the opportunity to buy her!

Since I've 'known' this doll for years, it felt weird to give her a totally different name, so she's keeping her 'original' name as a nickname. Viper.

But I also wanted to give her another name. Because a few years ago, without ever having seen a photo of Principessa, my late mother drew me a picture of a Pullip that looked EXACTLY like stock Principessa, hair and face wise. (I'll have to figure out where I put this picture so I can show you guys sometime)

She named the doll in her drawing 'Vacante', so I've decide that will be Viper's real name in honor of my mother.

Without further ado, here she is!
[Image: 31660192472_48b492d370_z.jpg]Viper by Haley, on Flickr
[Image: 31690861951_db15009184_z.jpg]Viper by Haley, on Flickr
[Image: 30997813353_ccac5fd929_z.jpg]Viper by Haley, on Flickr
[Image: 30966544514_1cdd857d80_z.jpg]Viper by Haley, on Flickr
[Image: 31434834710_78974ec884_z.jpg]Viper by Haley, on Flickr
[Image: 31434759700_ebab574bcd_z.jpg]Viper by Haley, on Flickr
[Image: 31659951842_04fddc04d3_z.jpg]Viper by Haley, on Flickr
[Image: 31770162516_7963a44cea_z.jpg]Viper by Haley, on Flickr
[Image: 31690701371_5e4f432052_z.jpg]Viper by Haley, on Flickr
She's so gorgeous and I'm so in love with her, aaaah! And she's so photogenic, too. <3

Thank you for looking!
congrats on your new girl. she is indeed very pretty. I have the little version of her. but i didnt realize they both have the colorful stripes on their lips! so pretty! i love the name story of Vacante.
Wow, she is stunning!
Congratulations -- it's great that you're so happy with her. She looks like a sassy little supermodel! I like the 3rd pic best. Attitude!
And yes, would like to see your mom's drawing!
[Image: 52753689362_648099ee70_o.jpg]
[Image: 52754230731_a6068b46d4_o.jpg][Image: 50534896333_d4a2b8e718_o.jpg][Image: 52754472289_1f6d6c34b1_o.jpg][Image: 49782607208_b108a0ee26_o.jpg]
Congrats!! She is so cute Happy
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 photo 81_zps20ol1mwt.png

I really like the color combos she has going on. Fun and punky. smile
Congratulations! She's gorgeous! Love her purple hair!
Vacante suits her well. Happy
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Congrats! Principessa is awesome to begin with, and she looks even more amazing with the punk style DelightfulFreak gave her.
Thank you all so so much! <3

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