Edith The Ghost Girl
[Image: 31466112984_dd36450cec_c.jpg]
by Antique Wolf, on Flickr

This is Edith, shes a custom ghost girl by Bees Dreamland here on DM. I adore her! I gave her a Playful Raindrops Scalp, and a Licca body.
I've actually have had her home for a very, very, long time now. but I've been wanting to give her sort of a grand entrance. So I thought resting her on a bed of gold flowers was in fact, the only way to do it. LOL
I hope you guys like her as much as I do!
Love!!! :3
I love her work! I really hope to bring one of her girls home one day..<3
It's such a lovely photo. Well worth the wait to show us. wink

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Congrats on the spooky girl! You did indeed give her a grand introduction! I hope we get to see more of her.
She's gorgeous!!

She is beautiful I would love to see more photos of her. I love her eyelids!
She's beautiful! What a grand entrance indeed! <3 I love her name. Edith was my grandmother's name as well. smile
Wow! Those are beautiful eyelids along with the feathery lashes!
Stunning! Heart 2
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Stunning and very unique! I love the details. Have fun with your new lovely. smile
She is beautiful very earthy. Love her white eye lashes very different haven't seen that, congrats.
I like!!Heart She is so beautiful.
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stunning girl and stunning photo Heart 2 Bee does such incredible work smile
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