Eva visits the set of Stranger Things
So I'm sure a lot of you have probably heard of the currently immensely popular Netflix exclusive show Stranger Things(If not you should watch it because it's amazing and I'm not just saying that beause I'm biased).

Literally nothing interesting has ever happened in my town until they decided to use my sad little 'economically depressed'(as one article called it) town as the set.

They filmed the first season here quite a while ago, and now they've started the second season which means it was time for my square to have a makeover. They changed many shop names and redid the signs, as well as putting up differnet displays inside the shop windows because Stranger Things takes place in the early 80's! The day before filming I had to go over and take some pictures.

I did take some normal pictures for myself, but I also snapped a few with Eva because she is also a big Stranger Things fan!

I wish I could have gotten more pictures as well as some better ones, but we were getting in the way of some crew going in and out of one of the stores that was going to have filming inside of it the next day and I didn't want to be a bother. Sweatdrop

[Image: 31881851593_c587dba15e_z.jpg]Eva Visits the Stranger Things Set by Haley, on Flickr
[Image: 32315111490_d748766a6c_z.jpg]Eva Visits the Stranger Things Set by Haley, on Flickr
This is the store where Joyce Byers works that has many scenes take place inside. It's normally a drug store.
[Image: 32541517332_1a92b52d59_z.jpg]Eva Visits the Stranger Things Set by Haley, on Flickr
This store is usually a music store and coffee shop, but it only just recently became that. I remember it from my childhood as the only clothing store in my entire town(now there are none).
[Image: 32315165500_9d7613b1ce_z.jpg]Eva Visits the Stranger Things Set by Haley, on Flickr
Check out the 80's computers in the windows of Radio Shack. They also had an Atari and a sign advertising a sale ending in November 1984, but sadly it had boxes in front of it that I didn't want to move. xD
[Image: 32572267301_162faf37e5_z.jpg]Eva Visits the Stranger Things Set by Haley, on Flickr
In the reflection in the window of the 'furniture store' here, you can see our courthouse that they used as a library.
[Image: 32572072341_90a55b1deb_z.jpg]Eva Visits the Stranger Things Set by Haley, on Flickr
[Image: 31851554364_99f4b83d83_z.jpg]Eva Visits the Stranger Things Set by Haley, on Flickr
[Image: 31851472554_2c3a323ec5_z.jpg]Eva Visits the Stranger Things Set by Haley, on Flickr

Also, if you didn't notice already, Eva has a new hairdo! Can't really say new wig, because, well, it's the same wig. Sweatdrop At first I kind of regretted it but it quickly grew on me. Here are some other photos I took before I took her to the Stranger Things set that I hadn't posted yet so I figured I might as well post them all here.
[Image: 31881954513_e8decd6761_z.jpg]Eva by Haley, on Flickr
[Image: 31881994933_1eb01e5404_z.jpg]Eva by Haley, on Flickr
[Image: 31882018693_ac613f0366_z.jpg]Eva by Haley, on Flickr

Thank you for looking! <3
Cool! smile
I don't have Netflix, but I'm vaguely aware of the show. It's got to be weird to see familiar things from your town in the show.
Thanks guys! Most of it wasn't weird, just really interesting. One funny moment was when I noticed they left the sign for our Vape Shop in the background in a scene when that did not exist in the 80's, haha.

The only thing that was weird was seeing an alternate evil dimension version of my town. LOL
OMG DeadlyNova that is super cool. Your pics are awesome. Lucky you and Eva. I would have been ecstatic seeing all those retro signs.
I agree with you the show is amazing. Everyone should give it a look. It's a throw back to Stephen King/Steven Spielberg 80's Movies. The intro alone has a Stephen King's Creepy Show vibe. The little kid ensemble cast is absolutely wonderful.
Looks like fun. Not familiar with the show. I find movie/TV behind-the-scenes stuff quite interesting. Maybe you could get a job as an extra! smile
Cute photos. My favourite is the 2nd-last one, with the expression & the way she's looking up at the camera.
[Image: 52753689362_648099ee70_o.jpg]
[Image: 52754230731_a6068b46d4_o.jpg][Image: 50534896333_d4a2b8e718_o.jpg][Image: 52754472289_1f6d6c34b1_o.jpg][Image: 49782607208_b108a0ee26_o.jpg]
Really cool photos! Eva seems to be enjoying the tour.
Ah yes I do remember the 80's and Radio Shack definitely. Tongue
Eva is very photogenic too! Happy
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I haven't seen the show yet but this is so cool! I love the photo where her hair is moving with the wind. How did you do this hair do? I am very curious . I was wondering how koichi would look like with a hair do like this.
I love that show! Looks like Eva had a blast with the tour XD
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Stranger Things is great and now I will look forward twice as much to season 2 smile Eva looks so perfect, really ! I LOVE her hair and the clothes and she is just personality plus Heart 2
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How cool is that! I still haven't watched the show but it's super cool that your town is where they're filming!
Oh wow! An actual working TV production set! This is so cool!
They're not dolls, they're action figures!
This is so cool!
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Thank you all so much! <3
I love her hair; it's amazing!

Am also very jealous of your town being the location of the town in Stranger Things! That's wicked!
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More to come!

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