My Early OTAKU Room (2003ish)
(03-01-2017, 01:58 PM)Cornflower Blue Wrote: Interesting juxtaposition of the Japanese dolls with the Victorian dolls.

yeah, those three TOYNAMI TENCHI MUYO! character dolls were my impetus for learning how to make doll-scale clothing.
it began with a desire to make my original Waifu, "Ayeka" there, (purple-hair woman) a full set of undies in lieu of the "mesh" panties she wore out of the box.

from there, i began crudely adapting BARBIE clothing to fit her, than came the baby steps towards my own fully hand-made outfits.
all the while, i found clearance-priced SAILOR MOON and CARDCAPTORS dolls at my local TOYS-R-US to modify/improve,
and porcelain decorative dolls to fiddle with as well.

today, with the world market afforded me by the Internet, and sewing skills to modify, improve, or make just about anything in very small scales,
i stick almost exclusively by 1/6 Japanese-market character dolls, many of which being semi-vintage examples, modified for compatibility with the OBITSU BODY system.
as a result, all of my girls measure well with my old TENCHI MUYO "Tenchi Masaki" all being the 1/6 equivalent of several inches shorter than he. case in point;

[Image: Belldandy%20Tenchi%202-10-17.png]

also, modern photos. got things divided up into my main room and computer room these days;

[Image: Anime%20Merchandise%20colle%20Johns%209-...hmudye.jpg]

[Image: Comic%20Party%20Revolution%20Collection%...ltgiin.jpg]

[Image: Haremhearts%2011-30-16_zpsaumamiyw.jpg]

[Image: Belldandy%20Tenchi%202-10-17.png]

[Image: Mikuru%20Maid%202-15-17.png]

[Image: Girls%20of%20MACROSS%207-2-15_zpstjhxl7lz.jpg]

[Image: VF-1J%20Hikaru%20T.V.%201-72%201-60%201-...crncrs.jpg]

[Image: MACROSS%20Colle%20johns%202-2-14%202_zps0uybzjec.jpg]

[Image: MACROSS%20Colle%20johns%202-2-14%201_zpspwjjwcej.jpg]

[Image: BANDAI%201-72%20VF-1S%20VARIABLE%20TYPE%...a3w4bo.jpg]

[Image: MSZ-006%20ZETA%20GUNDAM%20MG%202.0%20JOH...kvdsob.jpg]

[Image: MSZ-006%201-100%20MG%20ver.2.0%20John%20...7k2j5e.png]

[Image: VIDEO%20COLLECTION%20JOHNs%203-26-16%204...anzmuz.jpg]

[Image: Tenchi%20Muyo%20Dolls%2020012016%201_zpsxgb5ftge.jpg]

[Image: COMPUTER%20DESK%20JOHNs%202-23-16%202_zpspqs3uqnd.jpg]

[Image: COMPUTER%20DESK%20JOHNs%202-23-16%201_zpscrnamcmo.jpg]

[Image: Tasukes%20Room%202-23-15%202_zpsmtstkeu0.jpg]

[Image: JOHNs%20SYSTEM%203-31-15%201_zpsv01ygx8v.jpg]

[Image: Johns%20system%203-24-15%205_zpssobc8uip.jpg]
[Image: A_Night_at_Konomi_19-10-23_FULLSIZE.png?]

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