My Early OTAKU Room (2003ish)
thanks! my formative years as a budding OTAKU, from about 1995 onward, a freshly-minted hardcore MACROSS/ROBOTECH nerd,
stuck out on a farm five miles out in the middle of nowhere, with a burning desperate passion to own some form, -any form- of transformable VF-1 toy or model kit, and virtually no avenues open in which to satisfy such desires.

today, i've more than made up for it, with at least six different transformable iterations of the ROY FOCKER VF-1S and HIKARU ICHIJO VF-IJ to my name,
from the 2001 BANDAI reissue of the original 1/55 "Chunky" VF-1 toy, to the more recent 1/60 YAMATO/ARCADIA "Kanzen Henkei" toy.

i've been feeling rather nostalgic lately, however, and have felt like returning to the Genesis of it all with my first introduction to MACROSS and the VF-1 "Valkyrie" Mecha,
the 1990 BANDAI reissue edition of the 1984 CEJI/REVELL "ROBOTECH DEFENDERS VEXAR" U.S. market issue of the original 1983 IMAI 1/72 Parts-Forming variable model kit,
-complete with metal landing gear and shoulder hinges- that a nephew had given me back around 1988/1990, when i was about 7/9 years of age.

i picked this one up late last year for cheap, and have just recently gotten it nearly completed;

[Image: BANDAI%201-72%20VF-1S%20VARIABLE%20TYPE%...mwirbq.jpg]

[Image: VF-1S%201-72%20VARIABLE%20TYPE%20BANDAI%...5-5-17.png]

[Image: VF-1S%201-72%20VARIABLE%20TYPE%20BANDAI%...17%202.jpg]

-now while that would be, technically, my very first ever VF-1 toy or model, and, indeed, my very first item of Anime merchandise ever, -long before i even knew what "Japanimation" was, in fact-
my personal all-time favorite MACROSS VF-1 product has to be the 1985 BANDAI 1/72 High Complete Model. this piece not only gives me the same sort of "Had It as a Kid"
retro vibe, but is near-perfect-transfomation and just about as rugged and reliable as the much larger and more crudely designed 1/55;

[Image: DSC_5348_zpstghdxpmt.jpg]

[Image: DSC_5361_zpszr4ovtyv.jpg]

[Image: DSC_5362_zpsrck5mogv.jpg]

[Image: DSC_5354_zps1fzsew1w.jpg]

[Image: DSC_4071_zpsuukj9v0x.jpg]

[Image: DSC_4063_zpsa7mqcwnb.jpg]

[Image: DSC_4102_zpslurgrtw5.jpg]

[Image: DSC_4054_zpszdven3g2.jpg]

[Image: VF-1J%20Hikaru%20T.V.%201-72%201-60%201-...crncrs.jpg]
[Image: A_Night_at_Konomi_19-10-23_FULLSIZE.png?]

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