Lily - Icy Custom and Poppy added 3/12
I got an Icy custom off of eBay back in December. I've been a little slow to take any photos of her.
[Image: 32524993964_7e434a512f_z.jpg]
I really love how vibrant and colorful her faceup is.

[Image: 32553761083_a121fc2125_z.jpg]
Icys can be rather homely, but not Lily. She's lovely!

Edit: 3/12/16 - and I had to hurry up and take some photos of Lily before I moved on to the latest arrival, Poppy.
[Image: 32566208664_f0f33fcc13_z.jpg]
She came from another Flickr member/Blythe collector, so you may have seen her before.

[Image: 32566203174_092afd40ce_z.jpg]
I see a pattern emerging where I fall for these colorful girls and then find out I have nothing for them to wear that really goes with their coloring. Fortunately, she can pull off this Darling Clover outfit. Although she may be stuck in it for awhile.

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