Lejays17 Doll-a-Week
Congrats on finishing A Doll A Week!

[Image: 65f94dfdbaa820ad5907922be3f5c192.jpg]
Congratulations for completing this project! I admire large group photos. Even if they're sitting, it's not easy to get them all to stay that way long enough to get a photo.
Congrats on pulling through!! Happy New Year!!!
Thank you all - the congrats photo is very appreciated neon.

Large group photos are hard to wrangle, anything over about 4 dolls gets fiddly, I’ve found.
They are never all looking in the right direction, no matter what I do with them LOL
My Girls: Alice Mint du Jardine (Lottie), Brand New Purrezza (Amelia), Ayanamei Rei (Evie), Princess Ann/Roman Holiday (Kit), Aquel (Becky), Scarlet (Izzy), Meg (Jo-Meg), Laura (Antimony), Nahh-Ato (Shala), Chicca (Maeve), Peter Pan (Meredith), VeryBerryPop (Daisy), SDCC2016 Wonder Woman (Diana), Taffy (Tansy), Amelia (Beatrice), Steampunk Cheshire Cat (Antoinette), Arietta (Ashli), Naoko (Zoey), Mocha MIO (Nyxie), Steampunk Mad Hatter (Hattie), Sapphire Princess Knight (Roni), Steampunk Alice (Lizette), Asoka Sorayu (Nova), Steampunk Taeyang Dodo (Theodore), Steampunk Isul White Rabbit (Finn), Tiphona (Felicity), Anthy Himemiya (Ester), Mocha MIO (honey), Alte (Bethan)
Congrats on sticking with it!

I totally feel you on the group shots! I’m doing good if I can get three dolls looking the right direction even. sad

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