Mikuru Asahina ♥ Meow Maid (customized 2007 MegaHouse Mikuru
[Image: asahina_mikuru_maid_by_carlossakura.png]

[Image: Mikuruhearts%207-19-17%205.png]

extensive modification/enhancement of the old 2007 Mega House 1/6 Haruhi Suzumiya "Mikuru Asahina" Character doll,
a work in progress for a couple years now, i think i finally got things just right.

from her lingerie to her two-piece slip and petticoat, to her apron and headdress; it's all made from scratch by my own hand,
Everything, save for the Ballet flats, silver serving tray and cat ears;

[Image: Mikuruhearts%202-23-18.png]
[Image: A_Night_at_Konomi_19-10-23_FULLSIZE.png?...fit=bounds]
Very impressive craftsmanship! The embroidered details are very pretty, as is all the lace trim!
They're not dolls, they're action figures!
The detailing in your outfits never ceases to amaze me!
She looks adorable! Nice job on her outfit.
thanks, all~

[Image: Mikuru%20-%20S.H.%20Figuarts%2011-20-17.png]
[Image: A_Night_at_Konomi_19-10-23_FULLSIZE.png?...fit=bounds]
Very cute!

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