Neon's A Doll A Day Challenge 2018
She's colorful enough that she doesn't need an elaborate photo to be charming and delightful. Sometimes simple is sufficient!
They're not dolls, they're action figures!
Neon, I have just caught up on all the days I missed. I will spare you a seperate gushy compliment on each one - a group "wow your MH photo collection would sell those dolls to anyone with eyes" Heart 2 I picked up Kala the other day and I am getting Posea next week. After seeing your photos, if I hadn't been before I would be now smile

Wilhelmina & Alice are both so striking, opposites in their look but equally lovely.
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Lejays - thank you!

davidd - thanks!

Miss Edith - thank you so much for your kind words!

Day 139

[Image: 5f9b17477b4db17615f6bba2eac5f136.jpg]

I'm still a zombie and Luna didn't want to let me take pics of her. Black background didn't work for obvious reasons and photos with white background were mysteriously greyish, so I had to do heavier correction than usual (normally I just tone down blue a notch, because my phone takes either somewhat blue or totally orange photos, I didn't quite learn the right magic spell to make white ballance work on my phone). Ugh

[Image: 4ebd6031c48b2a99189fab8f096e04f6.jpg]

[Image: cee8bff4fbf44dbb5bc1bf9363debad9.jpg]

[Image: de547dd7085c939f1edd138f5cdd0729.jpg]

I looove her 'modular' dress.
Luna is a rather odd figure, even by Monster High standards, but that is why I like her. In fact, I like her so much that I have not removed mine from her box. Also, what you say here confirms my suspicion that she would be challenging to photograph well. That's probably the real reason I have left her in her box.
They're not dolls, they're action figures!
love the pose of her looking over her shoulder - I wouldn't have guessed she was a difficult model to work with smile
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Thank you both!

Day 140

...and another episode of Lazy Snapping With Neon!

[Image: 0b0cf571f14cf2ef89e30c3c68cdcd04.jpg]

My first non-Pullip Pullip family doll (don't you just love people who talk like 5-year-olds?)!!! Byul Rhiannon. Her shoes and mask broke as soon as I looked at them, I have to fix them and do a proper photoshoot. But she already has a new name, she's Iaso Feverfew now.
Luna has a very detailed design that I really like. Poor Iaso Feverfew, I'm afraid the steampunk outfits are rather fragile. I keep having to repair my Gyro's pleather bits.
I love Luna & your photo of Iaso Feverfew << also love the name. Not all collectors give such unusual/suitable names to their dolls. To me it's one of the best parts.
Arashi N&B - Rayne N&B - Alfred
I always like seeing steampunk fashion dolls. She's a fun little cogs-n-corset cutie!
They're not dolls, they're action figures!
Bummer about the outfit... (insert grumbling about quality control)... but, she looks like she's surveying her domain there... and how lovely and green it looks. I have definitely never seen the butterfly MH before -- interesting!
[Image: 52753689362_648099ee70_o.jpg]
[Image: 52754230731_a6068b46d4_o.jpg][Image: 50534896333_d4a2b8e718_o.jpg][Image: 52754472289_1f6d6c34b1_o.jpg][Image: 49782607208_b108a0ee26_o.jpg]
Cornflower Blue - yup, both my Steampunk Project girls required some fixing. I want to get Ra Muw, so I better get used to it!

Miss Edith - thanks! Most of dolls in my collection came with their own backstory (like MH, EAH, Novi Stars...), so when I started collecting Pullips, I missed that, so I'm making up my own, and while I'm no story-teller, I'm still having heaps of fun with it. I'm also making trouble for myself, because this keeps adding to my dolly wishlist... LOL

davidd - I always like steampunk fashion dolls, too! And I think Groove / AGA did a great job on theirs.

Alliecat - thank you! Iaso did a thorough inspection of her new place to determine if it's suitable accomodation for her and other Pullips, and for now she seems content Happy

Day 141

[Image: 72ae892d43ee4d831a079ac1258080e3.jpg]

Elle Eedee (Gala Ghoulfriends).
Phew. My - only a few days old and completely empty - instagram account got stolen by some russian guy, who also hacked my e-mail, a hornet came in eventhough nobody invited him and kitty started chasing him around, so I had two or three heart attacks from fear she'll get stung (which she thankfully didn't), my computer had an argument with my mouse and now refuses to talk to any and every mouse I own, and my allergies started acting up after years of being dormant. Neighbors left for vacation and obviously forgot to throw away some fish leftovers, so the whole building now smells like someone's hiding corpse of the creature from the Black Lagoon and there's no way of dealing with it until they come back. And greenflies have invaded my pink daisies, aaaaarrrrrrrrrrghhrhhgh! I've had enough of this stupid day!

[Image: 3c393b768a2bd1ae00deb0c37a67e21a.jpg]

[Image: f9691ba3819cc28e8a532672ad57a6e2.jpg]

[Image: 780312bf205d3e6a01d5c5066d68606d.jpg]
She's very pretty! I love her blue and purple color scheme.
(05-22-2018, 06:07 AM)neon_jellyfish Wrote: ... so the whole building now smells like someone's hiding corpse of the creature from the Black Lagoon....


This made me laugh so hard! Funniest thing I've seen or heard in a long time!

I hope things get better after today!

Nice photos of Elle Eedee. I barely remember this character. I think she must have come out after my interest in MH had begun to wane. She looks quite interesting, similar to Robecca in some ways.
They're not dolls, they're action figures!
wow, I hope your day improved. Couldn't get much worse sad

Anddd, none of that shows in your stunning pics of Elle Edee. I have never studied her at all but this version, with those clothes (especially the peacock cape) & the muted faceup make her another to add to my wishlist ^.^
Arashi N&B - Rayne N&B - Alfred
Cornflower Blue - thanks!

davidd - glad it made you laugh. Joking is part of my dealing with stupid things. Elle is BYBY character, same as Luna. And her modern-style robot body sculpt is the very definition of amazing!

Miss Edith - thank you very much! Your MH collection will soon be bigger than mine Happy

Day 142

[Image: 21996c11f5a9c3a94573857c9578ba53.jpg]

Happy World Goth Day!

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