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Pullip Milk Latte and Isul Milk Tea
I think Price Checks is probably the best place to ask this... I've not bonded with my Milk siblings and I'm wondering if it makes more sense to sell them together or separately? Since they're out of box* they could ship together easily.

I feel like I want to sell them together but I don't know if that's silly and possibly a) excludes potential buyers that would be willing to pay more for just one and b) makes people want a discount since they're buying multiple dolls.

Any insight would be appreciated!

*They're out of box but have been kept completely from direct sunlight in a closed cabinet (so minimal dust) in a smoke-free, non-shedding pet home. They're basically the exact condition of when I unboxed them (actually better since I fixed their loose corsets, etc.)
Well..if there was some kind of discount for them staying together I would probably be interested
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