Pullip Withered. Review and pictures.
Her dog is actually pretty darn cute, I'd forgotten she came with him.

Yesterday I found Rida's 'leather' jacket from 2006 - and it's doing the exactly same thing, which is somewhat alarming. But not as alarming as Latte's bag, which I pulled out of it's storage baggy to discover the strap around it had just sort of...disintegrated. At first it was hanging on by a fiber, but then even gently handling it, it began to fall off the body of the bag, and then was completely undone. It was kind of a travesty, I don't even understand how it happened with so little handling over the years, I think it was sitting in that baggy (albeit with other doll accessories, namely MH combs.) for at least one.

These reviews of yours are inspiring me to do some as well for these two dolls and the Chicca I got recently.

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