Werepuppy's (Attempt At) Doll-A-Day 2019!
(04-26-2019, 02:25 AM)davidd Wrote: That's quite an ekspression on her face! Cute little thing, and a fun Easter gift!

No chocolate? That's so sad! In fact, I feel so badly for you, that I think I shall have a bit right now, on your behalf. Hmm... shall it be Dove, or a Hershey's mini?

It's so... Dreamworks face, and yet it does fit the character so very much. 

Well, some chocolate, but only little bits. It tends to make me quite ill. But yes, have chocolate on my behalf! 

(04-26-2019, 05:29 AM)Goblin Wrote: I love these Coraline dolls so much! They're absolutely some of my favorites! But they're always really pricey... I mean I think my pullips cost more but still Haha
She's so cute!

I've found a lot of NECA stuff to be a bit pricey for what they are, so I do get what you mean. Knowing my parents, they likely got a good deal because my Mum does the shopping when it comes to presents and she's an ex.pert at finding stuff at a good price.

(04-26-2019, 06:47 AM)neon_jellyfish Wrote: To be perfectly honest, I don't like the movie Coraline - that's not a criticism, though, just my personal tastes - mostly because of her physiognomy... I  just pictured her differently when I read the book and the movie one didn't really click with me. But I'm glad that various Gaiman's works are turned into movies / TV shows, so that more people can discover them and read the books. I'm also glad that there are dolls, even if I personally don't like them. I like the whole books&dolls idea, so keep'em coming!

Actually, I do get what you mean. Movie Coraline is not how I pictured Book Coraline at all, but I was endeared by the use of stop motion to tell the story. I tend to be a fan of stop motion stuff. And exactly! I really cannot wait for May 31st, and Good Omens being released on Prime. (Hm... dolls of Aziraphale and Crowley... there's an idea.)

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116. Teddy Bear
[Image: 54091770_16d02bb239bb15617839c39987dd7d35_standard.jpg]
Freya got a teddy bear. Dammit, she's way too cute. I mean, Hujoos can be really hard to pose sometimes, but then Freya just sits all adorable like that and I melt. Again.

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