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The fix for glue head: ethoxylated alcohol?
Please copy and paste and spread the word to all forums with people dealing with glue head (I don't have a MH arena or MLP arena login).
I'd hate to see people throw away their gunk headed collection when it can be saved.

Tiffy from found that soaking and squeezing heads in LA's Totally awesome works well at cleaning the glue from gunked up hair and, within about a week's soaking, the heads.
I researched the ingredients as Totally Awesome is USA only and did my own tests, it would seem that ETHOXYLATED ALCOHOL is the ingredient required to neutralize the glue. It's also known as primary alcohol ethoxylate or "Alcohols, Cnumber to number, Ethoxylated."

You can find out which products contain this chemical in Europe by looking at the bottles of degreasers and multipurpose cleaners such as floor cleaner. It will be listed further down the bottle with "non ionic surfactant" on the top of ingredients lists.
In Canada and Australia, they are not obligated to list in the ingredients on the bottle but you can find ingredient lists on the manufacturers websites or by searching for "name of product chemical composition" will bring up a pdf or doc file with ingredients and fire hazards.
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What is glue head? I've never heard of it.
I assume "glue head" refers to the dolls that, right out of the box, have extremely greasy hair (I think due to the glue used to help secure it?). Some newer Barbies are also affected by it.

I'll definitely have to look into this more when I get a chance to test a doll. I have plenty that need de-greased!
[Image: 49035651448_1fbe84a2fc_o_d.jpg]

Glue head: lots of glue was used on the inside of the head to hold the hair in. And then it seeps out through the plugs making the hair greasy.
Here's a post on it from another forum:

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