The banned and unbanned tango.
There's some strange bug on the site that ban me. When that happen I have to email the staff to get un-banned. It take a few days and then I'm back. A few weeks later, I'm banned again and the cycle repeat.

It's been the 4th time so far.

I know I don't post as often as before and Dolly Market Forums is basically on life support, but it will be a shame if I'm forced to just "give up" and have over 1700 posts and hundreds of pictures going to waste.

Anyone can help so that this "ban-bug" doesn't happen again?
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(09-05-2022, 04:17 AM)Kanrabat Wrote: Anyone can help so that this "ban-bug" doesn't happen again?

The "ban bug" is affecting all of us. When one of us is banned, we all appear to be banned.

Unfortunately, the situation is affecting the enthusiasm of many of the members.

So far, the Administrators in charge of the technical side of the site are having a difficult time isolating the problem.
They're not dolls, they're action figures!
So it's not just me?
Oh dear....
As if each and every times some spambot appear, it drag us all down the cliff.
This is a serious issue that may definitely kill this forum and our community.

This will sure be an expensive problem to fix.
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I hope it doesn't kill the community.

Dm is a place of sanity in a horrible world falling apart.
That's how I feel too, fishy. That Lego Movie song except "everything is awful" Tongue
I also want to know how the bleepin spammers get in to make posts, when new registrations are blocked!!!?? I tried inviting someone and they said they weren't able to register.
Banning/deleting them seems to trigger the meltdowns.
I have offered more than once to step up and help but sadly the forum owner doesn't seem to be here anymore or to be interested in handing off to someone who would be willing to take over. I don't want to be a pest on the FB page but every time the forum goes down I'm over there like "can someone fix it again please".
It's also sad that most of the people who were here when I joined have disappeared.
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