Experiments in Balance – Getting a Feel for Action Figure Posing
As it turns out, I kind of got lucky with the first "seamless" figure I selected for these ex-periments in extreme posing and balance. The TBLeague S41 made the process seem easy.

When I tried with some other figures, including another model of TBLeague figure and a seamless figure from a competing company called Jaiou, I found the process frustrating. I couldn't get anything to work. I couldn't even get a figure to stand on one foot.

I set everything aside -- in a huff, of course, with thoughts of listing everything except the one figure on eBay and being done with it -- but then came back to it later. Apparently the recalcitrant Jaiou 10E figure had done some thinking in the interim and decided to be more cooperative:

[Image: jaiou_hey1.jpg]
[Image: jaiou_hey2.jpg]
[Image: jaiou_hey3.jpg]
Later, Zelinda, a TBLeague S44 figure who absolutely refused to cooperate yesterday, reacted in both amusement and horror when she walked in on Mom and Dad reliving the Break Dancing days of their youth:

[Image: jojo37.jpg]

[Image: jojo39.jpg]

[Image: jojo40.jpg]

Mom is a Jaiou10E figure. Dad is a TBLeague M32 figure.

And yes, Dad's trousers came unbuttoned during his gyrations. He's packed on a few inches around the mid-section over the years. Hey, it happens!

Or maybe he's trying to show that he's still fly!   LOL

As for Zelinda, she says she just "wasn't in the mood" yesterday, but she wants everyone to know that she can bust a move any time she feels like it:

[Image: jojo35.jpg]

[Image: jojo36.jpg]
They're not dolls, they're action figures!

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