PrettyTiny Film Company Pic-A-Week *2024*! (#24, June 15)
The flower and park pictures look gloriously colorful and sunny.

I hope the cloud cover cooperated for you. I read about (and saw live stream on TV) Maine having completely clear skies. Don't that just figure.

Ya gotta wonder how the privations "the government" wants to impose on us "little people" to save the planet are gonna do one whit to counteract China and India, not to mention the bozos who sit in their big 4x4 trucks idling in parking lots so they can keep the a/c running in summer and the heat running in winter. Used to drive me nuts in Hawaii seeing a parking lot full of cars idling away for the entire duration of sports team practices so the parents could sit in the a/c while the kids were at practice. I knew then, over a decade ago, that there was no hope for the planet.
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