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(05-09-2024, 02:23 PM)Alliecat Wrote:
Quote:Why can't you move to the States?
Because to get a green card, you have to ... be investing a million bucks in a business to create jobs.  
If you've got info to the contrary, love to hear it.

"Mum thinks this trip may be a bust.  The lot we came to look at has some big pluses, and is near a great beach with beautiful sand, but the back-40 woods are impenetrable and we want woodland we can roam in.  

Yeah, I hear ya. Back a few years ago Canada was claiming "we want immigrants - we accept anybody - everybody is welcome." Because you make your island paradise appear so appealing, I looked up immigration rules. The big one is money. I forget the amount, but you gotta have buckets of moolah to legally move to Canada, and be willing to "invest" that moolah in the local economy. Even the fact that my mother and grandmother were Canadians doesn't seem to make any difference.

Apparently America is only open to illegal immigrants. F***ing states are giving f***king illegals drivers licenses now. If I want a drivers license, I have to show proof of insurance blah blah blah, but if I'm a drug-dealing child-smuggling gang-banger, woo hoo, drivers licenses, mobile phone, and in some cases, free place to live and cash allowances.

Anyway... I wanna see pictures of the "impenetrable woodland." Nothing a small chainsaw and a good set of shears couldn't clear out, I'm sure. Create meandering hobbit trails, that'd be awesome... and it'd set you up with a lot of firewood to keep the heating bills down. Is it really 40 acres, or was that a figure of speech? Is this a lot on which you'd have to custom build a home? Isn't that, like, super ekspensive, especially up there in remote areas?

The beach sounds nice. The rocky headland pic looks awesome. If that's the nearby beach areas, it looks great to me.

But... with the neighboring houses too close... yuck. I don't get people. They build their houses right on the frikken property line! I watch the new houses gradually filling up the valley across from me. They're five and ten acre "farm lots," but rather than putting the house in the middle of the lot, the people build their houses as close as possible to the already existing houses. Sucks for the first people who built out there... who have since sold and moved away... because their unobstructed view got obstructed by ginormous houses built around them.
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