Sasami Jurai - TAKARA "Tenchi Muyo!" Doll Series
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Been of the Mind, lately... to Return to where it All Began, - with Me and Anime Character Dolls - Twenty-some years ago... and Do it All Better this time Around.

Where i had the Trio of Ambitious-yet-Clumsy TOYNAMI 12in. "Tenchi Muyo!" Dolls two decades ago... i now have the equally-short-lived Juraiian Princess Sister-Pair of TAKARA Jenny/Licca-sized Dolls that Came and Went just about as swiftly sometime around the middle of the 1990's.

Ayeka Jurai (TOYNAMI 12in.) was my First Anime Doll... and the one that compelled me to pick up hand sewing as a skilled hobby.

Sasami Jurai is an Adorable little Cupcake‚ô• that never existed within the early-2000's TOYNAMI Doll lineup... and a Sweetie i've come to appreciate much more with time~

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(TOYNAMI Tenchi Muyo! 12in. Doll Series 2001)



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