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Full Version: Feedback For Birdie
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If I have bought something from you, please leave feedback here!

Positive: 304 individual on forums/LJ/Etsy (some archived here)
100% on eBay (600+ transactions)

Negative: 0
Neutral: 0

Here on DM:
Positive: 105
Negative: 0
Neutral: 0

I also have feedback here:
- birgitsnet on eBay (100% positive)
- pixelbirdie on Etsy (+148,-0,0)
- birdie on DoA (+7, 0, 0)

Thank you!
+1 for a great buyer, sold her a doll and she was great with payment and communication :]


+1 for a great buyer! Very fast payment. Communication was friendly and great. Definitely recommended! :kissy:

Sold her a doll, and she was wonderful to work with! Highly reccomended.


+1 positive as a buyer, great communication

+1 as a buyer!

Wonderful buyer and very friendly. Highly recommended.

Thank you so much!


PS: Sorry for leaving the feedback so late! >_<

She's a great buyer ;D
The transaction was smooth and flawless!
Everything was perfect :]
Would definitely do business with her again ^-^

+1 Great buyer! Super fast payment, and friendly.


+1 Positive for being a really great buyer! Fast payment and really friendly, thank you!


+1 buyer. Super fast payment. Recomended buyer!
+1 as a buyer! Super sweet and quick with payment. <3
+1 as a buyer.
Super fast payment, very good communication. Recommended to anyone.
Thanks a lot!
+1 Positive! Fast payment and great communication!
+1 really lovely and easy sell. very fast payment and great communication! <3
Great transaction~
Fast payment and awesome communication <3
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