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Full Version: CB's A Doll A Week 2018 - Complete!
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Since I dropped out about halfway last year, I hope the rest of you doing these will help me keep up this year.
[Image: 39479335302_2915ed434c_z.jpg]
Week 1: I'm kicking this off with my Celsiy, Eden, who I adopted from another forum member.  She's checking out the kitties' tunnel.
Lovely photo! Welcome to the photo challenge adventure!
Yayyyyy CB, with all this support I hold out more hope that I will continue (plus you know how much I love your photos grin )
Your Celsiy is lovely, she is a doll I always think I dislike until I see owner pics & realise she can be a beauty.
Yay!! I hope you can keep with it this time!!

Eden is precious! What a creative shot!
Beautiful colors! It is fun to admire all the colors and she looks so alive
Thanks! We haven't gotten any new furniture for the remodeled living room, yet. But there's no shortage of cat toys in there so I thought I might as well use one in my photo.
She looks like she's waiting for someone to come play with her. Love her hair.
It looks like she's inviting the cat to come play in the new tunnel - pretty girl.
Ooh, she's so pretty! Good luck!
Thanks for all the nice comments!
[Image: 25788612318_ddf6cb2992_z.jpg]
Week 2: There's nothing like Poppy to brighten up a dreary winter day. Poppy is a custom factory Blythe. I now have furniture in my living room, if a big cat tree counts as furniture. And I promise I'm not going to do 52 weeks of dolls posing with cat toys.
What a cutie! I love her face and her little bob!
She has a lovely colour combination between hair, skin and eyes. The cat tree makes a good background!
she is a sweetheart smile I love her hair with her skin tone & the pretty dress.
I dunno, 52 weeks of dolls posing with cat toys would certainly be a unique take on a weekly photo project. And if the photos all look as good as this Poppy photo, why not?
Oh, those eyes and that hair make my morning! CB she is beautful.
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