Cicada, the Icy (my first custom doll!) (WIP)
She isn't QUITE done! I still gotta make her teeth (you can see the tail end of the clay in the corner of her mouth here) instead of just cramming some clay into her mouth to placehold... and she needs three new sets of chips (she is keeping these) and she needed some touchup after this and her wig is a wreck because it fell out of the hairnet and rattled around a box for a month and I hate these eyelashes (they're so CRUNCHY urgh!) but I am so excited I couldn't help posting her so far!

[Image: octL9nr.png]

I've done repaints before but only tiny dolls and definitely no carving or anything! This was a really weird learning experience. Definitely I can't figure out how other people sand their dolls totally smooth... I gave up eventually sad She has scuffs/etc. under the MSC but the freckles hide the worst of them as I placed them, uh, strategically... lol. Someone tell me how you get totally smooth Blythe faceplates!

Also I used really crappy pastels for this and I can tell orz. I miss my nice ones... if I make any more custom dolls I might have to invest in some, but since I don't think I'm good enough to sell my dolls and I've recently become really interested in stock Blythes I doubt I will!

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