Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020)
Pictures also showing off your books sound like a lovely idea - one I'd definitely love to see.

Your Pullips, as well as Draculaura and Elissabat look lovely. I was contemplating getting this version of Lala, but in the end I didn't. I sometimes regret this decision, but then I seem to forget about her relatively quickly instead of starting may eBay searches, so I guess it's OK. I do have Elissabat, and I love her, she is one of the few releases who I find perfect just as she is* - her innocent ex-pression is adorable, and I really like her her hair and her stock.

*that said, and it's funny when I think of it, mine has been lounging around redressed in Operetta's deluxe fashion pack dress for about a year or two.

EDIT: others made me realise I totally forgot to actually write down what I thought about the doodle... I find it super cute! Dracula's expression is priceless! The poor thing though... I'm still happy he has found a way to at least be out in the daylight, even if he has to use protection to avoid it directly. I love the little cross on the top of the umbrella, and the whole execution with the shading is just wonderful.
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