TURKOCK, the Folw Drill Sergeant! (Xmass gift for my mom)
For this Xmass, my mother asked me to give her something I made with my own hands. She grew up on a farm and she is pretty fond of poultry things. Some years ago, my sister gave her a chicked made out of seashells. So, why not give my mom a homemade chicken as well?

Obviously, it's me who's making the thing so of course it will be one of my infamous homemade Frankenformers.

So here it is, the "Beast Wars" Fowl Drill Seargeant,


[Image: fEc1uGO.jpg]

[Image: 2LE1f7T.jpg]

[Image: dFAcrI7.jpg]

Sure, he have weird proportions, but it remind me of those classic Looney Tunes strongmen characters that have tiny legs and a huge torso. Turkock is also somewhat posable.

[Image: 9CiLMA0.jpg]

Obviously, the main mode is his FOWL mode. Something as a cross between a turkey and a rooster, hence his TURKOCK name. I love that name!  LOL 

[Image: QZhrwnb.jpg]

[Image: x0RQg03.jpg]

[Image: zAIBT7R.jpg]

[Image: Cj5yFxv.jpg]

He's also a bit posable in this mode.

[Image: fkQHlsE.jpg]

[Image: q2adDbS.jpg]

And finally, here's a comparison between the newest deluxe Kingdom Blackarachnia and the voyager Earthrise Grapple.

[Image: TM20TPj.jpg]

[Image: X9GHXOY.jpg]

So Turkock can be considered voyager sized.

And finally, compared to my previous original character, TLK Skywarp.

[Image: UhCYhW7.jpg]

I had a lot of fun building him and I hope my mom will like him! I'll give Turkock to my mom this New Year.
[Image: 8ZtVOxb.jpg]

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