TURKOCK, the Folw Drill Sergeant! (Xmass gift for my mom)
(12-30-2020, 08:18 AM)Loona Wrote: Oh boy, Turkock turned out awesome! His fowl mode is especially impressive (dat neck! Those colours! Rb_bigO). Great job on him - I'm sure your mother will also be impressed and happy with him ^^

Reading how you help out parents shopping for Transformers has melted my heart! Shopping for stuff you have no clue about is hard, and not everyone has the time or nerve to dive into the bottomless depths of the internet to find out what'd be the best choice, so getting ex-pert advice while shopping must be relieving to them - both on the spot, and also when the toy will actually be given to the kid, who will this way receive something better-suited.

Thanks! I'm a complete beginner with the air-brush, but I think I'm learning.
And you know those sculptors who can see what will come out of a piece of driftwood? I'm the same but with miss-matching transformers parts! Turkock was made with 3 main parts coming from 4 completely different robots. The torso, the heads-n-wings, the robot legs, and the chicken legs. Add some bits and pieces that come from many other bots as well! It's a lot of work, but a lot of fun.


As to why I tend to help "confused" parents and grand-parents who are shopping for transformers is simple. The goal of a toy is to make memories and to have fun.  A robot that is too advanced for a kid will just give a sour taste. And if I want to keed collecting Transformers for the next 35 years, the fanbase must have fresh blood every year!  Happy
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