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Cute photo! And they do look like they are quite fond of each other smile I love how Wind is barefeet, it totally fits the cool vibes she's giving out - and Chicca's stock is so cute and colorful, I almost bought it once for my Jo (J-doll Robson st.), but then decided against, as I'm not sure how good the for would be on the more slender T4 body. It also doesn't look overly complicated, so I might try to recreate a version of it myself.

I think if you are OK with their names as is, if that's how you keep referring to them in your head, then you should leave them. I find myself wanting to keep my Pullips' name when it is possible, and there are only 2 girls who were renamed "randomly" - the other 2 who don't have their original names are different versions of the same character (I have 3 versions of Hatsune Miku) whom I wanted to be sisters, so 2 of them kinda needed new names, but even their names are just "spin-offs" of their original name/version (Yuki/Snow Miku is called Yuki, and Yokohama Miku is Yoko).
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