Franklymydear's Feedback
+1 as seller
wa really great with communication, and all the things got here very well packed ^^
+1 as a seller! I purchased a doll from her, and it arrived safe and sound. Communication was lovely, and the beautiful headbands and handwritten note were the icing of the cake. Very happy! smile
+1 as a seller

I bought a pullip from her. Arrived well-packaged. Good communication and friendly person smile.
I bought several Dal & Pullip clothing pieces and a Rement set. Communication was good and everything arrived fairly quickly and was just as described.
+1 as seller. Bought several Dal clothes for a great bargain smile
+1 as a seller! I bought some clothes from her and they arrived quickly and were well packed! Communication was great and she was a pleasure to deal with! <3 Thanks so much!
+1 for being a great seller!
No problems whatsoever; everything was nicely, safely packed and communication was great! Thank you for the stock! yay
FYI: I've seen my username used on various social media, but if the little asterisks are absent, it's definitely not me! x3
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Follow my Flickr! yay.

+1 for a great seller! Very nice to work with and shipped quickly. Thank you so much!
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