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Your photoshoots are just to die for, I really enjoyed looking at each and every photo! Stunning.
[Image: f4iwk8.pngp]
thx to JennyCupcakes
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Lancaster is so cuuute!

(Ok, I'm leaving ==> [])

As said on Pullip Land, really like your pictures, and I miiiiss you Lo!
All of your pictures are awesome! I especially like the one of her as a psychopath with the corpse.
Wow!! I love Lancaster's style <3 Your photo's are really gorgeous!

So sorry to hear you lost your ratty, they are so hard to lose.

[Image: 9551869811_193b4f6039_z.jpg]
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Thanks you all from the bottom of my heart you're adorable Heart 2

And cheers Lilcurly I guess by seeing your avy you know how empty we feel when we loose those little treasures.

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