Poll: How often should Dolly Market hold Dalicious?
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Once every 6 months
29 85.29%
Once every 9 months
0 0%
Once a year
5 14.71%
Total 34 vote(s) 100%
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How often should Dalicious be held?
Personally I think every 6 months would be good. <br /><br />Thoughts?
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Six months sounds good <img src="" alt=":sp 2:" /> <br /><br />Kathy
every six months sounds good to me too~<br /><br />If I might make another suggestion though, I think it'd be easier to remember the due date if it fell on the same day of the week each time~ Especially for people who have tight schedules. It doesn't affect me terribly (my day off is Monday, but I always have time between shifts and after work), but I keep having to look at the contest post to remind myself of the due date (or maybe that's just me being an idiot)<br /><br />just my two cents anyways
I actually thought about that too, Asashi. It doesn't affect me in anyway either, since I'm unemployed, but I'm terrible at remembering dates and days : p <br /><br />I voted for an annual Dalicious.. I don't really know why, but I thought it would be more 'special' or something : p like.. &quot;Dalicious of 2009&quot; etc. But I totally wouldn't mind if it was every six months n_n
I agree with Asashi on the due date. I'm terrible at remembering dates and times also. &gt;&lt;
Alongside the idea of keeping the same due day-of-week each week for future contests, I'd recommend it be in the middle of the week (or Friday night). Rather, the idea is to allow at least a full weekend for photo taking. For people who are in school at day and have a lot of homework at night (I remember the mountains of homework I had back in high school), or for people who work during daylight hours, the weekend can be the only source of natural light for photography.<br /><br />Of course, if I have to for sunlight, I'll take my Melanie to work with me and photograph her during lunch =P (Especially in the winter, I leave for work before the sun rises, and I return home after the sun has gone down.)<br /><br />I like the idea of yearly for the reason gogojimmy gave. However, I'd supplement that with a non-Dal contest during the year, as well. For example, one could do something like Winter for Dal, Spring for Byul, Summer for Pullip, and Autumn for TaeYang/Namu.

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