the small violinist
[Image: 3994954521_bf61f6d82d.jpg]

[Image: 3995718102_a7f867622c.jpg]

[Image: 3994958925_1a768fff3e.jpg]

[Image: 3995721304_3a9ea417a4.jpg]

[Image: 3994962199_a87db10282.jpg]

[Image: 3995724818_b2ea6778d0.jpg]

[Image: 3995726470_8e8e304421.jpg]

[Image: 3994967609_2d031d64d0.jpg]

[Image: 3994969195_60fc36d407.jpg]

[Image: 3995731024_fa0892b595.jpg]

[Image: 3994971685_de9451742b.jpg]
[Image: 22349164@N03.jpg]
These are so *PRECIOUS*! I really want a Sooni, she's so sweet!
So adorable!

I have a Sooni that has a saxophone! We can start a sooni band!
also buy my dolls

SoshiLovesSushi, a sooni band could be the greatest band!!!! XD
[Image: 22349164@N03.jpg]
aww she is so cute <3

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