Dolly_Lover's feedback
Hi, I'm Casey.
Thank you to anyone who gives me feedback smile
Astrid (Nina), Poppy (Prunella), Iris (Ddalgi), Melancholy (Laura), Ingrid (Blanche), Morgan (Chill)
Arabella (Tezca), Fleur (Cinnamoroll)
Adrian (MJ)

I responded to Dolly_Lover's wanted thread and sold a Pullip's stock outfit. Communication was wonderful, and everything went pleasantly! Thank you very much! grin
Follow my Flickr! yay.
FYI: I've seen my username used on various social media, but if the little asterisks are absent, it's definitely not me! x3
[Image: music-notes-clip-art-rainbow-notes.png]
+1 as a buyer. Her communication was great, fast payment and patient. Thank you so much!

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