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Challenge 3 - Discussion
Challenge 3 Photos

TrotCon 2017 - Kana's Secret Base: Pokemon Collection - Dragon Adventures Crafting
[Image: 33576409126_99f0b825d1_o.png]
Aribelle Izumi - Tsuki Izumi - Kyouka Hibiki - Zenzi Barenfang - Pita Pepper - Parfait Pepper - Myuu - Peanut Bucker - Lumisade Peura

I really love Dai's entry. Him at the fashion show and his expression--priceless!

Stella is also so adorable. Very fashionable!

And Charlotte's! So cute! They look like I'd see them in a magazine, definitely!

Also love Letti, she's so cute, she's a designer in the making! smile
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all lovely photos -- my favourites are Stella & Isolde for the high glamour & Hilary because she looks so LOST LOL Like "what am I going to wear?". I can relate.
I also love Terra-Maki looking so professional and Charlotte looking so much like a Dolly magazine cover smile
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My favorites this time was: Dai at the fashion show, and Coty Winter's hip-hop style, and Ten-Ten's sewing dilemma. smile

Of course, everyone did a fantastic job, and I'm glad that we all remembered to submit something! Yay!
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I love Dai's! I thought of the idea, but I couldn't pull it off. You did beautifully! Lovely shot.

I also like Hilary's. The angle chosen for the shot just pulled me in.

Ten-tem's is very cute, love the bright and colourful picture! Letti's, Tekka-Maki's are just as adorable!

Stella looks very much like a fashion icon posing for the cameras at a posh soiree.

I like everyone's entries, really! yay
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Stella's is my favvv ;U; so gorgeous. Reminds me sort of of a red carpet shoot! ;U;
I like Ten-ten's entry the best. Charlotte's second and Coty third
What a regrettably large head you have. I would very much like to hat it. I used to hat The White Queen, you know.
Thank you so much guys! Stella is happy that you like her photo ^^.

I really love Dai´s entry!!! The idea is awesome and he looks so cute here
[Image: signatur.jpg]
I have to agree with many of the previous comments: Dai at the fashion show is an excellent photo. I love the way each of the characters in the scene looks so interested in what's happening. Their poses and expressions are quite believable. The lighting highlights in their eyes effectively brings each figure to life. Great shot illustrating the theme.

I also really like Letti as the designer, deep in concentration. Again, the pose and the expression fit the scene, and the scene illustrates the theme.
They're not dolls, they're action figures!
Thanks so much everyone that liked Dai's entry. smile
I adore Charlotte and Ten-Ten's entries <3
I really like Ten-ten's entry and how she's all wrapped up in measuring tape. Letti's is cute too with that contemplation of the dress on the form.

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