Feedback for Lilanie
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As seller
Never sold anything! Tongue

I can be found on PullipFiction as Lilanie, on Flickr as Lilanie, on PullipStyle as Lilanie, on Etsy as Majsemusen.
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+1 for Lilanie as a buyer! She paid as soon as possible and was really great about communicating. I appreciate that she took the time to make sure everything was done properly and helped me understand how Customs works in Denmark! Highly recommended. smile
+1 Very friendly, great communication, and quick payment. Thanks so much!
+1 as a great buyer. Friendly buyer with great communication, it was a pleasure working with her!
+1 as a buyer, great comms, swift payment, no problem x
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+1 for a great sale

bought a few pairs of shoes from me and as always a great person to deal with
+1 as a buyer! I sold her my extra Halloween Lalaloopsy mini, and found another mini for her as well. A pleasure to deal with, thank you for the lovely feedback and I hope you like your minis! ♥
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If I forgot to leave you feedback, please let me know!

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+1 as a seller!
Great communication, she was super nice. Thank you so much for my new clothes grin
+1 as a seller. I bought some clothes from her. The items arrived in amazing condition and in a timely manor. She answered all my questions as well.
+1 seller! I received my new Pullip clothes today and they are amazing. Everything was shipped out really quickly and communication was fantastic. Thanks so much smile
+1 as Seller!

Received my Pullip clothes at a fairly quick pace, thank you and I really like the ziplock bag that they were put in <3 very protected and good communication. yay Recommended!
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Got a big order in record time for intl shipping, and some very pretty dresses. Thank you!

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