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Not your average Ponies.
So, I found this pattern for My little Pony plushes by VoodooTiki, so I decided to try and make some.

I have Buttons, my test pony(trying out the pattern), and Briar, who is based off my OC here. ^^

I claim nothing, other then the effort I put into making them. ^^

[Image: 8625105077_d0973cbb51.jpg]

[Image: 8626213888_e73ce07b66.jpg]

[Image: 8625108485_21723bc79a.jpg]

[Image: 8626217524_5692dc9dc7.jpg]
[Image: blackrosedivider1.gif]

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*dies of cuteness*
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(my fishie got bit by a vamp lol)
They are so cute! I really like how they turned out. The button eyes are perfect! grin
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Wow, they came out great! You can claim that!

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They are awesome! smile Great job!

[Image: 9551869811_193b4f6039_z.jpg]
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