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Midnight Song - A Star Song rehair
I received a couple baity G3's for me to learn how to rehair on. grin
Heres the first complete pony!
I like to call her... Midnight Song.
The hair colors are Pink Sugar, and Kiss of Death from Dollyhair.

[Image: 64c36a73-80c2-4c6f-839b-1910aa89a0fe_zpsf2ec87a7.jpg]

[Image: 72f45f78-b367-464f-8fe5-ee5e83ad49e8_zpsc7add12b.jpg]

[Image: b2b4c1f8-e534-432a-93f0-a215e57fd8eb_zpsa82a5fc6.jpg]

[Image: fbd4cea0-b1e2-4b85-a8c3-068a2dda0c13_zps213aa6ad.jpg]
[Image: blackrosedivider1.gif]

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okay you are re-hairing my Monster High dolls grin
I love the colors you used--it looks like your rehairing project was a success. I've no clue how to long did rehairing Midnight Song take?
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Mandy... It was ALOT of hard work, and I would NOT take on more then one at a time, and I'd charge a good amount. -w-

It took me three days after I got the Hair, Kira. owo
I used wire as a threading loop, so it was abit more labor intensive. However, I didn't have to deal with glue. >.>
[Image: blackrosedivider1.gif]

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oh I wasn't expecting you to do t for free - and id pay you a fair price for your work
(06-16-2013, 11:41 AM)MissMandyLynne Wrote: oh I wasn't expecting you to do t for free - and id pay you a fair price for your work

I would hope so. XP
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AMAZING job Bloodstained! she looks GORGEOUS!
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I did my first re-hair using the needle n thread method, I then bought a re-hairing tool n glue included I've never looked back :p I'd highly recommend it.

You did a great job! She looks really good.

[Image: 9551869811_193b4f6039_z.jpg]
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She looks awesome! I love the color combo you used too, I wish I had hair like that! xD
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Sooo gorgeous!
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