My girls try British nerd!
I got the set mainly for my Yeolume, but its a little goofy because I havn't re-bodied her yet. I kinda like how huge the glasses are on her haha!
shes wearing her stock shrit because the outfit's shirt is soo huge on her!
[Image: c01de05f-6317-4811-8f72-dab6fc84b779_zps0626bb88.jpg]

I had my girl Alice try it on, i think she'll be keeping the shirt!
[Image: 87e1247c-6186-4f86-bb06-5d50ca53107f_zps689a4c08.jpg]

and of couse Amelia HAD to try it on! shes oddly cute in everything..
[Image: cd67584d-2c12-483a-8349-98e0410f08f9_zpsaf03f0e4.jpg]

I really love love the shoes that came with this set! they are just my favorite thing
I have to agree - your Amelia is oddly cute in it .. Maybe you should let her keep it? LOL
Yeolume's growing in on me, I think she's adorable~
You got the set!!! I'm so happy for you! blush

Your Yeolume looks so sweet in the outfit, and I love how it looks with her stock blouse! I hadn't thought of trying that look! In fact, all of your girls look so cute in it! I hope Groove Inc comes out with more versatile outfits like this in the future~
[Image: 12367494213_3f89d3a0da.jpg]
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I spy Arpakasso!!
There's like an avalanche of arpakasso on my dresser!
Lol - that's a very cool set smile I love the big hair bow <3

[Image: 9551869811_193b4f6039_z.jpg]
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Another reason to get that set, the shoes! They all look adorable in it, proving that it is very versatile.

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