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Christmas ponies :)
Here's my two Christmas ponies. I was thinking how low I am on decorations for Christmas, but I was super happy when I was in my dolly/pony room yesterday because I then remembered these ponies are the perfect decoration grin
[Image: 11442022525_974b80e66c.jpg]
Christmas ponies grin by Buzzingbumblebee, on Flickr
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Ooh I love redhead baby ponies. Have you customized them yourself? smile
super cute smile and perfect for christmas
Oh how I love Merry Treat and baby Stocking grin they are by far my favorite ponies ever! - and no beajjai, they are stock G1 limited editions as far as I know
Awww....they are so cute and festive! They really are the perfect Christmas decorations. smile
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Adorable! I just love G1 ponies.
Thank you MissMandy! They look as cute as customs smile I don't have that much knowledge about MLP releases LOL
Thank you all <3. I don't own any custom ponies. Strangely I don't like custom ponies although I love custom dolls ^-^.
Call me Bee =(^-^)=
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