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Bi-weekly Photo Challenge Rules and Information
- Challenges will be announced every other Friday around midnight starting on December 12th, participants will have ten days to submit photos following the deadline I will post up the voting thread which will run for three days. The winner will be decided by popular vote.
- What dolls can be used for the photo challenges? You can use any member of the Pullip family of dolls (Pullip/Dal/Byul/Namu/Isul/Taeyang), mini pullips/dals/taeyang/byul are welcome too. If you decide to enter multiple rounds you do not have to stick to the same model, you may change models as frequently or as seldomly you like.
- Oh no, I don't have time for this challenge I guess I am out of the competition....? This is a series of photo challenges not a competition, participation in any of the rounds if not mandatory enter as many or as few as you like.

- Only one submission per a person
- Winner will be chosen via voting thread on the forum, winner gets to choose the next theme there is no other prize.
- Photos can be submitted to me via pm or email
- No stealing other people's photos etc
- Photo Manipulation? This is a photo challenge not a photoshop challenge, fixing levels/correcting colors is fine but no major edits.
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