I just learned there's an annual BJD convention local to me (Bremerton WA USA) and I was excited about going for the show room -- but it costs $40 for the "general public" to get in the doors. Oh My Has anyone here attended past PNW BJD Expos?

I have two questions: 1) Is it worth $40? 2) Have vendors in the past brought in Blythe or Pullips to sell or is it strictly BJD?

I've been to a couple general collectible doll shows that cost around $5 to enter which is OK, but $40 to look at expensive dolls on display and *maybe* buy something seems very steep.

I wouldn't have to pay for a hotel room or ferry, just gas. The $40 includes parking. Their website lists a few other perks (like tea, access to sets for doll photos, we can enter a costume contest, yay?) but I don't consider any of them an incentive to go. Mainly I just want to see these dolls in person and possibly buy something even if it's just a doll dress.
I went for the first time last year, I'm pretty sure it was cheaper then too... Only $15 per person on the day of--- but this year they've made it into a two day con, so that might be one of the reasons for the price increase...

1) I think it would be worth it if you attend the panels in addition to going to the dealers room. Room sales and the swap meet might also make it more worth your time. There is also a draw for prizes at the end ( everyone who registered is entered ), but a majority of the prizes were BJD related

2)I don't think there were many dolls for sale last year, if any they were BJD ( I could be mistaken though;; ) There were several vendors selling clothes, wigs & props though! I'm not sure if any one was selling Pullip/Blythe sized clothes -- but you'd at least be able to browse the wigs Sweatdrop

As far as I'm aware, they are friendly to everyone and all types of dolls are welcome. I brought a Dollfie Dream & bjd with me last year.

^^;; I hope this was helpful to you;;
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