miniatures release thread
I opened the sets and took photos. I found only the sushi set on amazon but it is overpriced

[Image: 24155440690_7ceb19e4ea_n.jpg]Barbie sets by goche moche, on Flickr

this is the cutest set! even my husband liked it.that mixer and the bowl is too cute to pass.

[Image: 24155440680_c3d32615aa_n.jpg]Barbie sets by goche moche, on Flickr

I have a soft spot for cleaning sets, this is very simple but i like it. though i dont know if they can hold the bottles?
[Image: 23822852164_5b3730d692_n.jpg]Barbie sets by goche moche, on Flickr
sushi set is cute but the nori rolls are actually just stickers. also chopsticks are hard for the doll to hold i might cut that circle piece. my favorite part are the cups. they are very very cute.
Yet another find smile) I feel bad about posting something new every week my obsession is showing Tongue
A few months ago one of the members here posted very nice photos where her girls were in a laboratory. She said her set was an American girl science lab kit. I checked at the time and price was 36 dollars. So I said let it go smile because for the same price I got a science Rement set that is amazing.

But today in target I saw for 6.99 a science set from our generation. It comes with safety goggles that is a bit loose but can be fixed with an elastic band. Three test tubes and a test tube rack (can remove the tubes off the rack), a flask (erlenmeyer), and an awesome light microscope. I didn't pay attention to the package just bought the set and came home and realized the microscope lenses move like the real one, there is a light source at the bottom like a real one and the tube move up and down like a real one!!!! I am so happy to have this little toy!
[Image: 24709326816_8c514614d6_n.jpg]Our generation science set by goche moche, on Flickr
Here is a few photos for more check out my Flickr
I also got some of those Barbie sets from Walmart the other day! I got the Sushi set, the baking set, and the little makeup set they had. I didn't get the cleaning set because I had a really dumb moment and couldn't figure out that the hand-held vacuum was a vacuum until after I left the store....

That little science set is adorable!!
I am mad at myself for not getting the music set smile well hope Mattel keeps them coming smile hope you find the cleaning set next time. I hate shopping there so I go rarely.
Thank you smile I am a scientist so I am very excited about that set.
These mini sets are so cute!
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Those sets are all really cute! I may have to make a stop at Walmart since I haven't seen them at Target.
(02-03-2016, 11:24 AM)Cornflower Blue Wrote: Those sets are all really cute! I may have to make a stop at Walmart since I haven't seen them at Target.

I never see that many sets in target. But this time shoes and bags were in target and these were in Walmart smile
Dollar Tree (a dollar store) finds:
[Image: 25754524891_bb117fde73_z.jpg]
Pullip sized desk lamps

[Image: 25219119344_30125f7ee6_z.jpg]
Clip-on spot light - the clip was easy to pull off and it makes a nifty ray gun for Taeyang or a bjd. It's too big and heavy for a Pullip or Dal to hold up.

They also had some solar lamps that look like doll sized table lamps. They didn't particularly appeal to me, but someone else might like them.
Thank you! I will hunt these smile I am wondering how they would look on my new desk
Very cute might use these for my Puddle photo wink
Rement grandma and grandpa's house butsudan
I have no idea what will I do with it but I had to have it LOL

[Image: 24986958954_746e93835d.jpg]Recent Rement buys by goche moche, on Flickr
That's a neat set! Is it one of the smaller ones, more 1/12th size?
(03-24-2016, 02:58 PM)Cornflower Blue Wrote: That's a neat set! Is it one of the smaller ones, more 1/12th size?

I have no clue how big these items should be smile I ll take a photo with a few different dolls. They seem Barbie size to me but with pullip head being bigger maybe they will look smaller?
and now i see that i didn't take a photo of the butsudan sorry CB! i think i need to set myself a reminder.
i actually came to post a few things i got or saw at World Market store.

cane for taeyang, i didnt know if they would fit but they actually fit nicely. i love how the handle part look very realistic.
[Image: 25411212663_540d93f6fc.jpg]Cane for Taeyang from world market store. by goche moche, on Flickr
glass cabinet for pullip, these are maybe exactly the doll height. they look beautiful but 30 bucks kept me away from them. but if I had a doll house I would have packed them both smile
[Image: 25407096293_1dd1860c93.jpg]Very nice pullip size display cases at world market store. But they have a price tag of 29.99 sad by goche moche, on Flickr
Neat! I'd keep an eye out for one of those $10 off coupons they run in their sale flyers from time to time.

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