feedback for dargosmydaddy
+1 buyer

Quick and easy! Thanks again!
+1 as a buyer again!
Bought more doll clothes from me. I really couldn’t have asked for a more pleasant transaction. Thank you!!
+1 as a buyer!

Sold a Tuesday Morning special to dargosmydaddy. Communication was friendly and payment was prompt. It was a pleasure doing business with dargosmydaddy.
+1 as a buyer!

Sold a TM doll to dargosmydaddy. Great communication and a pleasure to work with!
+1 seller. I bought some pullip pants, they were shipped quickly and safely. Great communication. Thanks so much.

+1 as a buyer. Thanks again!
+++1 Customized 3 dollies for her and she's so patient and sweet ^^ Thank you so much !
+1 for a wonderful buyer! Extremely kind and patient, despite some postal difficulties on my end. Thank you so very much!
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+1 as a buyer.

Excellent communication and quick payment. Also informed me when her purchase arrived.
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+1 as a seller! Bought a couple of clothing items from dargosmydaddy, and I’m really pleased with the transaction. They were super prompt with communication, and shipped things out fast. Would do business again yay
+1 as a buyer

Speedy payment and super patient when I couldn't ship immediately. I'll happily do business again smile

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