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Round 13 theme announced
Here is the theme chosen by DeadlyNova, winner of Round 12's photo challenge:

Famous Scenes! Have your doll(s) reenact a famous scene from a movie or TV show!

Entries are due by 0:00 November 30, HST. Entries can be sent to me via PM or e-mail. It is probably best to PM me with your entries, as I often have problems with my e-mail eating my messages.

My email address follows, just omit the spaces between the @sign.

justlikewasabi @
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Don't forget the photo challenge, gang! Who's in this time?
You can google "famous movie scenes" for ideas smile
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I've submitted mine! There were so many movies to choose from I had a hard time picking which one I wanted to do!

I hope we get a lot of great entries! I tried to pick what I thought would be a fun theme.
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