Fanime 2016?
Just was wondering if anyone was planning on going, or know of anyone who would be selling in Artist Alley. (I'm mostly an anime nerd and I've worked as staff for the last 2 years)

Pullip: Asuka Langley, Princess Serenity, Regen Moon, Karen, The Rose, Favorite Ribbon, Classical Alice Sepia, Classical Alice, Sailor Venus, Sailor Mercury, Regen Anne, Eternal Sailor Moon, Snow White, Kirakishou 2014, Nanette, Tiphona, Lupinus, Black Lady, Rei Ayanami, Stica
Dal: Sailor Chibimoon, Galla, Princess Pinky, Tinkerbell, Tezca, Hina Ichigo, Deneb, Tina
Taeyang: MJ, Tuxedo Mask
Isul: Ciel     Byul: Dumbo     JDoll: Via Appia, Champlain
+ a bunch of littles and mio kits


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